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What is a domain name?

Are you able to register my domain name ?

What is hosting?

How do domain names, hosting, websites & browsers interact?

Which browers can support my website?

I cant find my website in the search engine?

Can I see my design while it’s in progress?

How long will it take to build a website?

What are the extensions at the end of the file name?

The world- wide -web could be a crazy place  that is growing and dynamical quicker than Superman will catch a dashing train.You will have a lot of information with you but you will get confused with it.If your question is not answered below, please send us a e-mail.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website address.Normally domain name starts with ‘WWW’ after that  the name  choose,and the address ends with’.COM’. For example you can see our domain name such as

You probably already notice that the foremost common domain names finish in .com(for commercial business),.org(for non -profit organizations), or .edu(for educational instituations), but many more extensions are available.

Your domian name or web address – is that the name that represents your web identity.if you  decide on your name wisely,your customer can bear in mind your name and use it to search out your website.

To register a doamin name yourself, you can contact a company such as Go Daddy or Network solutions.If you would like us to register for you,DialRequest  provide  such a quality domain names with discounted costs,because we need customer satisfaction.Please contact us.

Are you able to register my domain name?

Yes,if you would like name registration, we are going to be happy to try and do that for you.We provide domain names at low prices  with quality services.

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What is hosting?

Web hosting could be a place wherever your web site are going to be accessible on the internet.It is a place for your domain name, web content files, and graphics to reside.The web-surfing public does not access your computer.They access computers that host the pages for you.Those computers are where websites are hosted.

How do Domain Names, Hosting, Websites & Browsers Interact?

The web is a network of computers all over the world.Information on the web is stored in documents referred as web pages,the files stored in the biggest computers called web servers.These web pages must have a common name in order for your computer to find them.

Which browers can support my website?

Our designs are supported and useful in multiple browsers.For example, all menu system can work-however in some browsers, while not animation.In very old browsers, We have a tendency to merely insure that the content is readble.We have three different browsers for testing they are internet  explorer, safari and obera.

 I cant find my website  in the search engine?

Our advise to you is to be patient;it is not a one day process.once your website has been submitted to search engine,they will need many weeks, or may be months, to really list your website in their directories.

How fast your website is listed depends on every individual search engines database update schedule.Everbody likes to assume they will manage this,but in reality it’s an imprecise observe.

Can I see my design while it’s in progress?

Absolutely.After we build an website for you,you will get your own URL(web page address)wherever you will read each the draft and revised stages of the project.

We should mention that each one of our works in progress are protected by copyright laws.

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